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Quality Assurance: The Portico Diff erence When quality and integrity are expected but product names according to the FDA and U.S. not enforced, experience and leadership are your Department of Commerce best bets to hedge the risks. That’s when the > Guaranteed net weight, count, grades and Portico diff erence matters. proper use of additives Through the unsurpassed standards of Sysco With these additional, self-imposed measures, Quality Assurance, you’re guaranteed reliability Portico provides oversight that is not typical in the and consistency. Here are a few of our safety and industry. Our high standards allow for consistency integrity measures that make Sysco and Portico the and quality, which translates into value and more best choice in seafood: importantly, trust for our valued customers. > Point Source Inspection Program (PSIP) conducted by domestic fi eld specialists with physical plant audits performed by Sysco personnel at every source point > Traceability back to the point of origin for optimal accountability > Metal detection for hooks and other debris for additional assurance and safety at all plants > Product quality testing above and beyond hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) > Written specifi cations on fi le for all Portico products > Proper species, regulatory, ingredient and nutritional labeling, including the use of true 7 Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd 7 2/10/12 3:54 PM
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