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        welcome.          Seafood has been a consistently growing category in recent years, and with more and more customers          making seafood their fi rst choice in dining, it’s important to  make sure you’re getting the best product          available. At Sysco, we know how important quality and integrity are to any operation, particularly          with seafood sourcing. That’s why we created this product catalog… we want to provide our operators          with a seafood-specifi c guide to help you start up or build business in this expanding and highly          profi table category. We’ll help you understand the characteristics of diff erent seafood products so you          can be sure that you’re serving only the best. You’ll also see the many ways that Sysco is committed to          making the necessary investments to ensure high quality, competitively priced, safe and sustainable          seafood is being provided to our customers.                                                                3   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   3                                                                                    2/10/12   3:53 PM
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