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      Risks and Rewards:      Sysco Seafood Processing      While the seafood industry may be one of      the most regulated sectors, these regulations      are often not enforced. Unlike other proteins,      there is little government oversight. In fact,      while 85% to 89% of the seafood sold in the      U.S. is imported, less than 2% is inspected      by the FDA. Further, the minimal regulatory                                                                         89% of th      enforcements are primarily focused on food              85% to 89% of the seafood      safety without considering economic integrity.           sold in the U.S. is imported,      The global nature of seafood sourcing                    LESS THAN 2%      introduces a host of risks for any foodservice            IS INSPECTED      operator, and the continued presence      of seafood fraud further complicates the                  BY THE FDA.      industry. Fraud is perpetrated under many      disguises, including:      > Short weights and counts      > Species substitution      > Chemical adulteration      > Improper labeling      > Illegal transshipments   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   6                                                                                    2/10/12   3:54 PM
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