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        We also partner with the World e also partner wiith the World                                              This innvolves partnering with                                                                                   Sysco strongly believes in        W                                     This involves partnering with        Sysco stro        Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s      local stakeholders to develop        supporting domestic sources        leading global conservation           and implement practices for          that share our focus on        organization, on the complex          performance levels consistent        sustainability and quality. We will        issues related to seafood             with MSC standards.                  continue to work with reputable        sustainability. It is our hope                                             organizations and initiatives that                                              Additionally, in a tuna-specifi c        to steadfastly remain at the                                               will help drive the success of the                                              commitment, Sysco will        forefront of developing strategies                                         seafood industry while preserving                                              encourage suppliers to engage        for the responsible sourcing of                                            natural resources and ecosystems                                              in the International Seafood        wild seafood products through                                              for our future generations.                                              Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) in        sustainable buying practices                                              order to move towards exclusive        and standards.                                              sourcing from sustainable,        As part of this collaboration,        MSC-certifi ed tuna suppliers. ISSF        Sysco has made a multiple-stage       utilizes science-based initiatives        commitment to ensure wild             for the long-term conservation        seafood supply sustainability.        and sustainable use of tuna stocks,        By 2015, 100% of the top ten          reducing bycatch and promoting        Sysco brand wild-caught seafood  overall ecosystem health.        species will be sourced from                                              Our commitment to        fi sheries that are:                                              sustainability is evident through        >  Certifi ed by the Marine            our membership in the National           Stewardship Council (MSC)          Fisheries Institute (NFI) as well as                                              the Better Seafood Board.        >  In the MSC Full            Assessment process                Community Matters                                              Other examples of Sysco’s        >  Involved in fi shery                                              dedication to the domestic           improvement projects (FIPs)                                              fi shing and seafood industry’s           with the WWF                                              well-being include partnerships        Sysco is also actively involved in    with the Louisiana Shrimp Task        various FIPs to move our supplier     Force and the Alaskan Seafood        fi sheries toward a stepwise           Marketing Institute (ASMI).        approach to MSC certifi cation.                                                                                                                     9   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   9                                                                                    2/10/12   3:54 PM
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