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      The Portico Story      As the largest purveyor of seafood in North              So, why Sysco, and our #1 selling      America, Sysco has always been the leader in                                                               seafood brand, Portico?      assuring economic integrity with our Portico lines      of seafood products. And with the challenges of          >  Quality. Our quality assurance (QA) standards      fraud within the seafood industry, we understand            and processes are unparalleled in the industry.      the hesitancy to change suppliers. But with the                                                               >  Consistency. Our product specifi cations      Sysco advantage, you’re getting the experience                                                                  ensure declared weight, sizing and uniformity      of the market leader, and the trust of a brand                                                                  of usable product.      committed to quality and integrity.                                                               >  Traceability. We require traceability all the      Portico brings foodservice operators the highest                                                                  way back to the source.      quality standards in the industry with delicious,      healthy seafood selections that are adaptable to any     >  Integrity. Our commitment to and reputation      menu. We off er a wide selection that can meet every         for guaranteed quality.      foodservice operator’s needs, including:        –  everyday value with Portico Bounty                  >  Competitiveness. Our sourcing and        –  best available value-added products                    scale enables delivery of superior products at          with Portico Prime                                      value pricing.        –  simple, purely natural products          with Portico Simply   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   4                                                                                    2/10/12   3:53 PM
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