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                                                                                  >  It’s Not Just About Fish!                                                                                    It’s about people.        The Portico Brand Structure                                                 It’s about sustainability.        Three brands, one pledge: Every product will be packed under the        same superior quality specifi cations… no compromises!                       It’s about the future.        Portico Bounty                                                              It’s about commitment.        Portico Bounty products meet established        industry standards for competitive “fi rst”        and “economy” value-added labels. The        underlying quality of the raw material is                                                             Bounty        similar to Portico Prime, with allowances        for chemicals used in production and broader specifi cation        tolerances for breading percentage, defects and portion control.                                Portico Prime                                The industry’s best available value-added                                products are caught and processed in                                recognized prime regions and packed to             >   click here to learn                                exceedingly high specifi cations. Superior            more about the                                harvesting, production and/or packaging              Portico story        characterize this line of products. Portico Prime products are        known for lower breading and marinating percentages, better        ingredients, limited use of chemicals and unique recipes.        Portico Simply        The brand name says it all – raw        seafood products in their natural state        of goodness. Our off erings within this        brand are the best natural ingredients        for use in all recipes. Products are single-        frozen and can be portioned, skinned, boned, peeled or shucked.        These raw products provide maximum versatility while delivering        uncompromised quality and value. Simply superior!                                                                                                                     5   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   5                                                                                    2/10/12   3:54 PM
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