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      Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp                  2. Cook bacon on parchment-lined        “ Sysco’s wide reaching      with Honey-Mustard Glaze              sheet trays at 450° until bacon is                                            ¾ of the way cooked through; cool.       distribution network      Yield: 24 servings                                            Wrap 1 piece of bacon around      3   cups honey                        center of each shrimp and place on       provides an entirely new      ½  cup coarse ground mustard          sheet tray; cover and refrigerate.      ½  cup Dijon mustard                  3. To serve, on half sheet tray          world of possibilities      1    tablespoon grated                sprayed with nonstick cooking            for people around the           fresh ginger                     spray, cook 4 shrimp at 450° until      ½  teaspoon cayenne pepper            shrimp turn opaque throughout            country looking to enjoy      2½   pounds smoked bacon slices,      and internal temperature reaches           each cut crosswise in half       145°, brushing shrimp with honey-        wild caught Louisiana           Nonstick cooking spray           mustard mixture during last 2            shrimp, a great      5½    pounds raw 16-20 count          minutes of cooking. Serve with           tail-on, peeled and deveined     honey-mustard mixture.                   American product.”           Portico shrimp, thawed                                                                                    Chef Tenney Flynn      1. Heat honey, mustards, ginger and                                                                                    Executive Chef,      cayenne to simmering; simmer                                                  GW Fins, New Orleans      2 minutes. Remove from heat; hold.      10   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   10                                                                                   2/14/12   11:05 AM
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