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                                                                                 “ As a waterfront seafood                                                                                  establishment in Florida, it                                                                                  is of the utmost importance                                                                                  to have top quality fresh and                                                                                  frozen seafood. Portico                                                                                  Seafood enables our                                                                                  restaurant to provide the                                                                                  quality our guests demand,                                                                                  balanced with the profitability                                                                                  necessary for our business                                                                                  to succeed through the use of                                                                                  consistent product weights.                                                                                  Our use of multiple Portico                                                                                  Seafood items has contributed                                                                                  to our increased sales and                                                                                  profits despite an uncertain                                                                                  and fragile economy.”                                                                                 Byron Bates                                                                                 Sea Critters Café      Broiled Garlic Shrimp with            2½    tablespoons chopped fresh      > chef tips!      Wasabi Cocktail Sauce                     parsley leaves                                            12  ounces spring mix salad greens   Additional wasabi can be added      Yield: 24 servings                                                Lemon wedges                     for a spicier cocktail sauce.      Wasabi Cocktail Sauce                                            1. Prepare Wasabi Cocktail Sauce:    Shrimp may be marinated      3    cups ketchup                                            In medium bowl, combine all          with the olive oil, lemon juice      2½  tablespoons grated wasabi                                            ingredients. Cover and refrigerate.      5    teaspoons fresh lemon juice                                           and garlic up to 30 minutes                                            2. To serve Broiled Garlic Shrimp: Toss   before broiling.      Broiled Garlic Shrimp                                            6 shrimp with oil, lemon juice and      4    pounds raw 36-40 count                                            garlic; broil until shrimp turn opaque           peeled and deveined Portico                                            throughout and internal temperature           shrimp, thawed                                            reaches 145°; sprinkle shrimp with      ½  cup olive oil                                            parsley. Line martini glass or salad      2½  tablespoons fresh lemon juice                                            plate with greens; place shrimp over      2    tablespoons minced                                            greens. Serve with Wasabi Cocktail           garlic cloves                                            Sauce and lemon wedges.       12   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   12                                                                                   2/10/12   3:54 PM
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