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        Superior Shrimp        Shrimp has long been the most popular seafood on mainstream        menus, and for good reason. Sustainable, stable and value-oriented,        shrimp continues to increase in demand, particularly when        commodity prices continue to escalate. When compared side-by-side,        it’s easy to see why Portico stands above our competition.        Shrimp’s versatility makes it a favorite for any menu,   >  Black spots (melanosis) are a sign of age before        whether as an appetizer, entrée, ingredient or             freezing and will indicate a corresponding loss of        topping. Portico brands have an extensive off ering         moisture and fl avor.        over a range of prices to cover any and all of your     >  A yellow-green cast is caused by an excessive        shrimp applications. We carry both domestic and            dose of sodium bisulfi te, used to keep black spots        international white and brown shrimp, as well as the       from developing.        popular Black Tiger shrimp from Southeast Asia. Our     >  Shrimp that have been allowed to soak in melted        products include:                                          ice too long, or suff er temperature abuse, will        >  green headless                                          have a sour taste and unpleasant odor.        >  peeled and deveined                                  >  Shrimp that have been oversoaked in sodium tri-        >  cooked, peeled and deveined                             polyphosphate (STP) will appear translucent and                                                                   feel slimy with a metallic taste.        Portico brand shrimp come in a range of counts as        well, from under 10 to over 300 per pound.  We also     Portico brands consistently deliver high-quality        off er multi-sized packs… a great option for those       shrimp with a pleasant, salty odor similar to clean        looking for value.                                      salt water with minimal tail breakage. Whatever your                                                                choice – Tigers, whites, browns, domestic, China,        Quality measures for Portico brand shrimp include:                                                                Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Ecuador, cooked,        >  Shrimp should not appear dry or dehydrated and                                                                breaded, raw, peeled – Portico has you covered!          should be uniform in size and color appearance.                                                                                > chef tip!                                                                                Use leftover shrimp shells to create a                                                                                fl avorful broth by boiling them with                                                                                other ingredients of your choice.                                                                                                                    11   Sysco_Seafood_Cat.indd   11                                                                                   2/14/12   11:29 AM
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