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                                                                              Tutorial files available at:                                                                            The magazine for Adobe  Photoshop  professionals Photoshop Photoshop  professionals                                     111                                                               ®                                                                                          ® ®              20             PAGE           SPECIAL           ALL CC FEATURES              EXPLORED                      THE WAY OF THE FUTURE?      PHOTOSHOP CC       • Exclusive Adobe interview • The creative industry speaks out                         • Expert guide to Creative Cloud updates • In-depth CC tutorialExpert guide to Creative Cloud updates                         •                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 111        CREATE A CYBORG             PAINT A CITY SCENE           DIGITAL COMPOSITION ALIEN ENVIRONMENT        Build a sci-fi-image using photo   Combine high-res stock images   Explore the importance of detail   Juan Carlos Barquet explains how        editing and digital painting tools  with matte painting techniques  when creating digital art  to create out-of-world images
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